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At the Cobblestone Animal Hospital we continue to be committed to the safety of our patients, clients and staff and to the public health.  We have made several changes in the last few weeks to our clinic protocols. Continuing to evolve as this pandemic unfolds is of paramount importance.  


Moving forward we are continuing to maintain physical distancing. This means that when it is deemed necessary to bring your pet to the clinic we will meet you outside of our building and bring your pet inside for an exam, diagnostics and treatment. We will discuss physical exam findings and a plan over the phone. All payments will be performed over the phone. Food and medications will continue to be dispensed and will be done so outside of our building with our social distancing protocol. When ordering prescriptions (food and medications) these will be limited to the normal quantities that you would typically order. Stock piling of food and medications is leading to supply issues when otherwise there would not be one.  


Physical distancing is of the utmost importance. Following the guidelines of the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association, we must restrict our exams, treatments and surgeries to those that are essential.  


The following is a simplified version of how our team will be approaching pet health care during this crisis:


  • Routine wellness visits will be postponed other than exceptional cases (initial puppy vaccines series as an example).  

  • Medication refills and food sales will continue (with our social distancing protocol).  

  • Heartworm prophylaxis will continue (with social distancing protocol, please contact the clinic for your pets individual protocol).  

  • Flea/tick prevention – Will continue with our social distancing protocol

  • Life threatening conditions – Please call the clinic immediately 

  • Painful or chronic condition management – To be determined with each individual case

  • Non-urgent surgical procedures – POSTPONED

  • Routine bloodwork – This will be postponed unless a delay may increase risk of complications 

  • Routine Fecal/urine testing – If determined to be necessary, then samples are to be collected by owner and dropped off without social interaction. 

  • Boarding/day care/grooming – Temporarily discontinued.  

  • Nail trims – Temporarily discontinued.  


This list is not exhaustive.  We want to keep our clients informed of our most up to date protocols.  As the recommendations change we will continue to inform you of any other changes that become necessary.  


We appreciate your patience in these challenging times, and your respect for our request to only bring your pet to the clinic if your household is healthy.  If there are ANY concerning symptoms noted in your household, please be honest with us and if possible arrange to have someone else bring your pet to the clinic (if this is deemed necessary).  




The Cobblestone Animal Hospital Team

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